Save time and money while collecting insights about your company culture. The results are anonymised and shown in an interactive dashboard.

Our surveys measure more than 12 parameters that influence engagement. You give your employees a voice and you can decide faster on priorities to focus on.

Compare your results in real-time with our public benchmarks. It's the perfect start for your employee engagement program.


Easy to install.
Low cost.
To measure is to know.


Order the dashboard and start immediately. Log in and upload your people.


Activate your people through our different surveys. Insights are live, interactive, anonymous and available to all.


Compare your results with other organisations. We inspire you with tips and tricks from our certified providers to start your own engagement program. You can add extra features to support that program.

Why wait?

“Every organisation culture is unique. Based on 20 years of experience in employee engagement in 10 countries, our platform gives you one view on the key drivers of engagement. Give your employees a voice, especially now during these COVID19 times. Through transparancy you can act faster to increase engagement at a low cost. Now, more than ever, employee engagement should be your number 1 priority."

- Inge Van Belle, CEO Herculean Alliance

inge van belle

The index.

In 2019 Herculean Alliance launched the Employee Engagement Index. Thousands of people completed the surveys and shared them within their organisations. Here you can find limited public version. On your own dashboard you receive more insights and are able to compare with other companies.

Over time, the index was extended with extra "streams". Those streams influence engagement and culture. Leadership, mobility, diversity, wellbeing, teamwork, CSR...are a few examples of streams we measure.

Platform as enabler for engagement.

Don't waste time or energy thinking about how to give your employees a voice.

Apply our best practices and compare with other organisations.

Our surveys and dashboard are the start of your program. Add extra features as you go, like teams, events, content, challenges, coins etc.

We believe in Phygital. Are you also looking for a trusted partner to implement your Employee Engagement Playbook? Herculean Alliance can help you with an ecosystem of certified providers. Who knows, maybe one day you can join the Employee Engagement Awards, where 12 experts look for inspiring stories.