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Employee engagement

An inconvenient truth:

  • 87% of employees worldwide are NOT engaged, according to Gallup
  • Companies with engaged employees have twice the revenu and four times the profit compared to other companies  

Complete the anonymous happiness test and receive a free guide with useful tips & tricks that will help you measure and improve employee engagement within your workforce.

Because make no mistake: happy employees make happy customers make happy shareholders.

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Its 100% anonymous and it's free.. You'll receive a whitepaper with our tips & tricks.

Easy platform to drive engagement in your community

We help you build your tribe


We advise you to get started by measuring employee engagement. Our free and anonymous engagement test can just do the trick.


Put all your events and workshops in one place with easy registrations, administration and interaction. Show how much you do for your employees. You can even connect your providers!


Use our inspirational content about engagement and add your own stories written by your ambassadors. Communication is a crucial component to succeed 


Launch all sorts of challenges that allow people and teams to earn points. Change behavior and increase maturity of your organisation through gamification.



Group all activities that drive engagement in one platform and start measuring the effect within the SDG framework. Capture all moments that matter.

CSR with the Sustainable Development Goals

It's clear that CSR and engagement are directly linked with each other. Engaged employees are looking for a higher purpose and we believe the SDG's can deliver just that! In 2015, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). 

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG's are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for human kind. They address the global challenges we all face. And stating that we are ambitious, is an understatement: It is important that we achieve each goal and target by 2030.  

Does your company support the SDG's? Great! Through our platform you can start measuring the progress of the SDG's within your organisation and increase engagement at the same time!

Do the free test and collect your engagement score!

Global Happiness and Well-being Report

The Global Happiness Policy Report is produced by the Global Happiness Council. It contains papers by expert working groups on happiness for good governance. This report provides evidence and policy recommendations on best practices to promote happiness and well-being. The Global Happiness Council calls upon all of us to come with initiatives to improve Happiness.

Chapter 5 deals with Work and Well-being, showing a high job satisfaction, but low employee engagement. Job satisfaction and employee engagement are very different constructs, measuring different aspects of well-being at work. While job satisfaction measures basic contentment, employee engagement measures involvement and enthusiasm.  

"We end this report by looking ahead, and putting out a call for action: we call upon people in academia, business, and government to work together in expanding the causal evidence base on work and well-being. " Global Happiness Policy Report

International Day of Happiness 

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated International Day of Happiness on March 20th as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

We not only spend considerable amounts of our time at work. Employment and workplace quality also rank among the most important drivers of happiness.  

The United Nations invite each person of any age, plus every classroom, business and government to join in the celebration of the International Day of Happiness.

Now is a great time to start working on employee happiness and measure the results in 2020!

International Day of Happiness

"The pursuit of happiness is serious business" Ban Ki-moon- Former Secretary-General United Nations

  How engaged are you at work? Do our anonymous test. You can share it with your colleagues. It's totally free. We will send you a guide with useful tips to improve engagement in your business drastically.

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We energise people & brands

We have the employee engagement platform and the formats just for that.

We are Herculean

Herculean has been in the employee engagement business for 20 years. We are specialized in corporate identity, teamwork and mobilizing people. Large and small organisations in over 10 countries trust us to help them build their tribe.

We combine our knowledge of technology, entertainment, sports, HR and well-being to a unique mix. All of our formats are based on the exact same Herculean DNA and platform. 

Through our employee engagement platform we hope to discover insights through artificial intelligence (AI).  

Want to know more about Herculean? Need an employee engagement test for the whole company?

Employee engagement, a delusion?

Employee engagement

Nowadays, most organisations dream of an engaged workforce that is willing to go the 'extra mile' every single day. Imagine having a team that feels connected with the purpose and objectives of your company. They give their energy freely to make sure your clients remain happy. Your employees truly feel at home at the workplace, take initiative... In short, they are the true ambassadors of your organisation.

Nice dream isn't it? But do you know the maturity of your team? Our happines-engagement index makes it measurable through eNPS and artificial intelligence (AI).


employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS)

Artificial intelligence

If you were already familiar with the customer service tool Net Promotor Score (NPS) than you can guess what we mean by the Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS). Where NPS is used to measure the likelihood of customers promoting your organisation, the eNPS does the same but for your own workforce. 

This tool is still unknown territory for most organisations, but as Herculeans, we strongly believe in it. 'Happy employees make happy customers' is our catch phrase for a reason, right?

All answers will be brought together, anonymously. Through AI we hope to get deeper insights we will gladly share with you. You will also receive a whitepaper with pearls of wisdom to improve engagement within your company.

Inspired by the United Nations Happiness Council, we need YOUR help to figure out how we can improve this global challenge!

Test your employee engagement here. It's free.

Happy Herculeans

Discover why thousands of fans trust the Herculean engagement know-how in 10 different countries.

Don't believe us, believe them:

“Not a quote but a fact… Herculean immensely helped narrow down the gap between the concept of engagement, fun and KANOO“. - The Kanoo Group

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"We asked Herculean to help our employees live more by the definition of their ‘People’ value. Thanks to their platform we can continue in building our specific DNA, which is a great competitive advantage.” - ACWA Power

"We recently started development of a solid teamwork atmosphere in our R&D department aswell as internally at Tereos. With the Herculean platform we did just that. Never did I receive that much positive feedback, concerning both fun and engagement within our organisation!" - Tereos

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"Most of our employees all work at customer premises. As they are all high performers, it was extremely interesting to be able to measure their engagement!" - Deloitte

"The Herculean program succesfully enforced our corporate culture, tracked employee engagement and improved teamwork within our organisation." - Nextel

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Shout out to all our loyal Herculeans!

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An organisation with a silo culture consists of a majority of solo players. In a participation culture, employees are already satisfied and Look forward to challenges every now and then. Use our platform to start measuring eNPS, gain insights and organise all initiatives to improve employee engagement. You gain access to our standard content to continuously inspire your people. You will soon have your own 'engagement intranet'.



You can also reach this level of maturity. Your people are motivated and they 'give'. You can add your own content through your own ambassadors, have a shop accompanied with your corporate coins, map your CSR connect wearables to measure your employees' efforts and link your service providers with your events and workshops. Bot technology allows you to more consistently and regularly poll employee engagement within your company.

Let's find out!


Now we're talking! Only a few organisations reach this level of maturity. The majority of your employees are agile, committed and strive for that podium spot. Add challenges and competitions to a platform and use the strengths of gamification to stimulate employees. Book our service providers in nutrition, movement, mind and social via the platform to boost your people to the next level.



Such winners have a company culture that has obtained a company culture that already adopts epic shapes. The likelihood that your company has such a footprint culture is rather small. Your people excel through humility and positive unhappiness and strive for world-class performances each and every year. Integrate the platform with Microsoft Teams, Power BI and so much more. That's how you cultivate open communication where your employees cheer each other to victory.



Thanks to our 20 years of experience in employee engagement and based on the results coming from our free and anonymous happiness and engagement survey, we present you our free guide with expert tips and tricks to improve the commitment of your workforce drastically. Download it here. Need more help? Feel free to contact us.



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