Herculean Ecosystem

Employee Engagement is so much more than happiness or wellbeing. To improve employee engagement in a sustainable way, you need a holistic approach.

We always start with measurement. Our Employee Engagement platform helps our customers with insights and highlights the focus points.

To address these focus points, Herculean Alliance works with an ecosysteem of experts in specific domains, like leadership, team dynamics, transformation, etc.

Alliance of experts

Herculean Alliance builds an ecosystem of likeminded, certified providers.

We are looking for experts in different domains, like leadership, personal growth, wellbeing, teambuilding, learning, employer branding, etc. In a nutshell: everything that impacts employee engagement.

Through our formats and platforms, we give these experts access to our customers. Together we create a sustainable win-win partnership.

Become member of our ecosystem

The market of employee engagement experts is highly fragmented. Several coaches are looking for ways to reach companies with their offering. Companies are looking for solid partners in specific domains. For both parties, it's time consuming to find each other without any guaranties.

By joing the Herculean Alliance ecosystem you can enjoy these advantages:

  • Reach our B2B network that was crafted for 20 years
  • We help you with marketing supported by the Duval Union expertise and network.
  • You keep your own identity.
  • You scale faster and can focus on your expertise
  • Collaborate with other experts in the ecosystem.

Discover the 3 formulas


"Show your core business."

1.200 EUR per year

  • Manage your own profile page.
  • Write blogs about your expertise.
  • Blog items can be distributed through our social media
  • Allow reviews on your page.
  • Rewards on sales of Herculean Engagement platform for your customers.


"Connect with our network."

2.500 EUR per year

  • Provider formula.
  • 3x2 access tickets for the Herculean Ambassador Clubs where you can network with customers and other experts.
  • Reduced rates for all public Herculean events.
  • Promote your customer events to our community and give reductions to Herculeans.


"Build a business together."

Business plan

  • Work out a joined business model.
  • Joined "go-to-market".
  • Potential integration in our platform.
Become Provider
Become Ambassador 
Become Partner 

"The Herculean DNA is all about ecosystems. We behave like trusted advisor to our customers and want to bring the best solution with the brightest people. For years, we've been helping our customers with employee engagement solutions. In 99% of the cases, we work with experts whom we integrate in the total solution. We add the famous Herculean DNA to every project to increase the chances for success."

- Kris Talboom, co-founder Herculean Alliance

Join the Alliance

Herculean Alliance, employee engagement specialists. Crafting powerful workforces since 1999.

We are building an ecosystem of employee engagement specialists who help our customers to measure and improve engagement in different streams. Together we colaborate to build the best solutions for our customers.

Do you want to join our ecosystem?